Chris Evans: Captain America Muscle

I’m sure many of you will be watching Captain America: The First Avenger this weekend.  Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, is a sickly young man who is transformed by an experimental serum.  The transformation you see on the screen was accomplished by special effects: Chris Evans’ appearance was altered to create the puny, sickly version of his character.

But Captain America’s physique is very real: Evans reportedly put on about 15 lb of muscle for the movie–he looks a lot bigger than he did in previous roles.

You may be looking to make a transformation of your own.  My advice: invest in a well-designed diet and exercise program, not supplements.  Most supplements are a complete waste of money.

I also recommend programs like Muscle Gaining Secrets if you are a beginner/hardgainer looking to put on muscle.

More advanced trainees (those who already have some training experience)  may want to try Ben Pakulski’s MI40X Program.


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