Bro Science

Spend a little time in the fitness/bodybuilding industry and you’re bound to hear this term: bro science. 

What is bro science?  The term refers to myths, anecdotal evidence, and hype that are given the same credibility as real research in terms of bodybuilding.

The supplement industry thrives on this kind of misinformation.  They’ll take a study (usually done in a country you can’t pronounce) showing a certain compound increased testosterone levels in lab rats.  They’ll promote the said compound as a testosterone booster.  Before you know it the said supplement is getting raving reviews on bodybuilding forums.  One prime example is “nitric oxide boosters“–naive consumers are spending millions, even though the current research does not give us any reason to believe this kind of supplement does anything. 

Here’s my point:  Be cautious about what you accept as a bodybuilding or fitness fact.