Top 6 Movie Stars in Great Shape (Guest Post)

Being buff in Hollywood is nothing new. With millions of dollars and a lot of free time to spend with personal trainers, fit is the in thing in the land where it is better to look good than to feel good. Here are the top six most muscular movie stars.

6. Madonna

Madonna is a survivor and no matter what one may think of her music or lifestyle, she is one fit momma. She’s packing enough muscle to dance her way out of a hurricane. Fit and taut, this woman can still get it done. She harkens one back to the days of female bodybuilding before the steroids.

5. Gerard Butler

He may have dined in hell in 300 but this fit Scotsman hasn’t been dining at McDonald’s since his leap to superstardom. Butler is fighting fit and trim for the series of action movies he’s done recently from Rock n Rolla and Gamer to Law Abiding Citizen. He trained hard to play King Leonidas and getting super fit turned into a career launch into the stratosphere.

4. Christian Bale

This actor’s commitment to the new series of Batman movies can be seen in his impressive physique. Bulking up for Batman Begins, Bale looked more like a poor man’s Arnold than the somewhat lithe actor we’d see before he donned the cowl. Now sporting bulging arms and a deep chest, Bale is a new man.

3. Sylvester Stallone

Yes you can beat the clock, and gravity. At 62 years of age, Stallone has a better fitness level than most 20 year olds. Check out the last Rocky Balboa and Rambo films if you want to believe that it’s possible to look great at any age. His lifetime dedication to exercise and fitness is as inspiring as the heroes he portrays on the silver screen. His musculature still exudes strength and power and he retains tremendous definition. Long dedicated to performing his own stunts, this Italian Stallion with be running for many years to come.

2. Brad Pitt

A pretty boy who can act, Pitt has often gone for darker roles in such films as Twelve Monkeys or Fight Club, but entering his forties, he is in fighting trim with great definition and symmetry he’s not afraid to show off. As he enters his 40s, this muscular star oozes strength.

1. Daniel Craig

With amazing size and power, Daniel Craig’s transformation into Secret Agent 007 is nothing short of remarkable. Packing the body of a gymnast into his Armani suit (with room for his Walther PPK), Craig has given the world a spy who can really do all those incredible stunts the Bond pictures have become famous for over the decades. Craig looks more like an Olympic athlete than an actor.

And there you have it. Six Hollywood athletes who have taken fitness to a whole new level. They not only look good but they’ve proved that the muscles are not just for show by continuing to make physical demands on themselves in their work and in the gym.

Andrew Salmon is a freelance writer. He writes on a variety of health and financial topics such as variable life insurance.

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One thought on “Top 6 Movie Stars in Great Shape (Guest Post)”

  1. Awesome choices of fitness examples. Madonna has always been a supreme example for me to follow. This is a dynamic woman as she not only has the discipline to stay fit but she also has a very high level of intelligence and a very good business sense. Is she a difficult female to tame…hell yes…why wouldn’t she be.
    Silvester Stallone….since that first ‘ADRIAN’ voiced howl…I fell in love with his oh so sly looks and that voice…mhm ~~~
    Gerard Butler…just YUMMIE 🙂
    Brad baby….I have had his poster pinned up on my bedroom ceiling at one point in my life …LOL!

    I will leave the rest of the fit hunks for someone else to dream about 🙂

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