10 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger (Abs)”

  1. Kevin, thats not very accurate.
    Not all pro bodybuilders use steroids.

    Although yes, Arnold did, at the time they weren’t considered that bad, just another supplement like Protein or Creatine is today.

    Even though he used steroids, he still put in alot of hard work, steroids alone can’t build a body like that, you have to work for them still.

  2. Who said he didn’t work hard? Not me. Who said steroids are 100% bad? Not me.

    But I’ll stand by my statement–all of the pros use steroids. The only exception would be natural contest.

  3. Ok, you didn’t say they don’t work hard, ill give you that.

    But the natural pro’s you speak of are pretty much all the well known bodybuilders.
    Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Branch Warren, Ahmad Haider, Gustavo Badell, Dexter Jackson, Markus Ruhl, are all Mr Olympia contenders, and Olympia is a showcase of the pro’s, and yet, all of these do not use steroids, Olympia is a natural competition, steroids are strictly prohibited by the IFBB and conduct drug testing throughout competition.

    I would say those “pro’s” who do use steroids are more likely the kind that will never enter competition, and get big simply to impress someone, or compensate for something in their life.

  4. Madu,

    There has never been a “natural” Mr Olympia. If you insist otherwise, you are only going to embarrass yourself. Do some research before making any more comments here.

  5. So I provide you with evidence I am right, and that you are wrong… and I am ignorant?
    Just accept the fact I was right.

    This all started cause you think all pro bodybuilders use steroids.
    Clearly this is not the case.
    So just accept the idea, and move on.

  6. madu you are living under a rock. Ronnie Colemean spent over $80,000 yearly on steroids and steroid related drugs. Every contender in the Mr. Olympia is on steroids and has been for a very, very long time.

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