Arnold Schwarzenegger (Shoulders/Deltoids)

Here’s another classic shot of Arnold.  If I remember correctly, he used this picture (in Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding) to demonstrate the level of definition he achieved in his deltoids.  He’s looking pretty tough here.

As much as I like Arnold, I would not recommend training like he did (hours a day, every day in the gym).  Instead I’d recommend natural trainees follow a different strategy, like Reuben Bajada’s Permanent Muscle Program. 

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2 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger (Shoulders/Deltoids)”

  1. Yikes…I forgot how huge he was. Arnold was my youngest brothers idol. He spent years following his advice on body building and healthy eating.

    The man was an icon…no doubt about it!

  2. He was my bodybuilding idol, too. But I’ve since learned his routines aren’t ideal for a natural trainee. Regardless, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for him.

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