Yohimbine HCL and Stubborn Fat

Yohimbine HCL and Stubborn Fat/Fat Loss

There’s a supplement that can help you get rid of that stubborn fat (usually lower abdomen/lower back for men, hips and thighs for women) when you do fasted cardio/training (or when using a low carb diet).

Before I get started, let me explain something:  I think this supplement would be most valuable for those who are already fairly lean.  In other words, yohimbine hcl is something you’d want to use to get rid of those final “problem areas.”

So how does yohimbine hcl work?  Well, one reason certain areas are stubborn is alpha 2 receptor sites.  These sites (within the fat tissue) basically “tell” the fat cells not to break down.  Stubborn fat areas tend to have more alpha receptor sites than non-stubborn areas.  Yohimbine hcl temporarily “turns off” alpha receptors, thus helping you to get rid of the stubborn fat.

Yohimbine hcl also helps with blood circulation (which is why it is touted as a “male enhancement” supplement).  This is another helpful property, since stubborn fat areas often have relatively poor circulation.

The correct dosage for yohimbine hcl is .2mg/kg (example: 20mg for a 220lb person (0.09 mg/lb of body weight).  It is better to take yohimbine hcl, not yohimbe.  Yohimbe is the herbal form–you’ll never be sure you are getting the correct dosage with herbal forms.

Yohimbine hcl could be taken with coffee/caffeine, which has it’s own fat burning properties.  I usually have it with a cup of coffee.  This combination also suppresses my appetite.

A few more considerations:

Insulin completely blunts the effectiveness of yohimbine hcl.  This is why you need to take it in some form of fasted state or while blood sugar is low.  Here are a few options:

*First thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

*Several hours after your last meal (for those practicing intermittent fasting).

*Another option would be to take yohimbine at some point after a weight training session has started (let’s say 20-40 minutes).   Your blood sugar should be low enough by that point for the Yohimbine to take effect (unless you ate right before you trained or insist on drinking Gatorade while you train).   You could follow this up with some steady-state cardio (treadmill, etc) to burn the fat you’ve just liberated from the stubborn cells.

Some cannot tolerate yohimbine’s stimulant properties.  You may want to test a half dosage initially to see if you can tolerate it.  It doesn’t bother me at all, but my body just loves stimulants.

It is not wise to stack yohimbine hcl with the eca stack.  Here’s the problem:  the eca stack works by stimulating beta-receptor sites, and yohimbine works by suppressing alpha-receptor sites.  It isn’t just fat cells that have these receptor sites–your heart does too.   If you take these supplements at the same time, you are sort of pushing the gas and the brake at the same time (as Lyle McDonald has put it).  Your heartrate and blood pressure could skyrocket.

stubborn fat solution

But you could try using yohimbine in the morning, followed by the eca stack 4 hours later.  You’d have to experiment and see what works for you.

By the way, I’d recommend Lyle McDonald’s The Stubborn Fat Solution if you are looking for more details about what I’ve described here.


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11 thoughts on “Yohimbine HCL and Stubborn Fat”

  1. You suggest that a 220 pound person take 20 mg of Yohimbine HCL per day. Yet the links you provide for purchasing this product all have bottles that contain 2.5 mg per tab. Are you suggesting that I take 8 of these 2.5 mg tabs a day as a 220 pound individual? The bottle says to take 1 to 2 per day.

  2. When I use it I take 8.

    I asked the Primaforce people about this before and they said the FDA limits the dosage per capsule. That’s our government for you.

    Remember, you would only be taking it on mornings you do fasted cardio.

  3. It looks as though BodyBuilding.com is no longer carrying the 5mg version. Do you have any additional suggestions of places that might have the 5mg dose?

  4. Hi Brent,

    Well, years ago the folks at Primaforce told me they could only produce 2.5 mg because of legal regulations. I’ve always used the smaller mg tablets. It really doesn’t matter since you are taking the same dosage (just in more capsules).

  5. Hello Kevin,

    Thanks for the very informative info I have been looking at this product in order to help my loose some stubborn fat on my stomach. I have a quick question, how long should I wait to eat after taking this supplement and doing fasted cardio? Thanks.

  6. Here’s how I understand it:

    Yohimbine helps you oxidize the fat–it coaxes the fat cells to release their stores. It seems high intensity exercise is more effective for doing this.

    Once the fatty acids are released then the key is to make sure they are burned instead of being redeposited.

    This is why the book I mentioned recommends doing some high intensity (interval) training followed by lower intensity (steady state) cardio.

    I’d recommend waiting about an hour. But you have to remember this: the most important thing here is to achieve a negative calorie balance.

    PS: you may want to subscribe and get my ebook to see what I did.

  7. I did but your link “my transformation” is not working. BTW Great articles. I will be buying this product through your link very soon.

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