3 Week Diet Review (and Discount)

I’ve had the opportunity to look over Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet. I’ll start this review by explaining what you get if you decide to order this program.

3 Week Diet Program Components:


Introduction Manual

Reading this document will give you an understanding of the overall philosophy behind Flatt’s program. He explains the basics of nutrition and fat loss, why many diets fail, and also debunks some of the common myths perpetuated by the fitness industry.

Flatt also explains the rationale behind some of the things you’ll be doing. Restricting carbohydrates, for example, lowers the glycogen in your liver and encourages the body to use fat for fuel. Intermittent fasting has several hormonal advantages for fat loss as well (many of which I have discussed in more detail on this blog).

You may be wondering why this program is designed to last for three weeks. First and foremost, Flatt argues that 21 days is enough for you to begin to develop new habits. He also believes you will be more successful if you start off quickly with more noticeable results instead of spending weeks just to lose a few pounds.

One quick note: You’ll see whey protein mentioned in this instruction manual. The author recommends a specific brand of whey. I’d recommend you shop around just in case there are better deals out there.

Diet Manual

This document goes into detail as to exactly what you will be eating. The diet is actually broken up into 4 phases. Flatt explains the reason for each phase and exactly what you should be eating. This cyclical type of diet can be very effective compared to a more “generic” approach.

Workout Manual

This will show you how to maximize your results through training/exercise. The workouts emphasize burning fat through maximum intensity instead of trying to spend hours in the gym.

Mindset & Motivational Manual

One of the most overlooked aspects of diet and weigh loss is the psychological component. This manual helps you overcome some of the mental barriers you may have in terms of weight loss.


Let start this review by saying something that should be obvious: there is a limit to how much fat you can lose in 21 days. Some of the massive drops in weight you see on the first weigh-in of The Biggest Loser is a combination of fat, water, and glycogen. You are not going to transform from being significantly overweight to having six-pack abs in 3 weeks.

Having said that, you may be surprised what you can accomplish in a relatively short period of time with the right strategy and intensity. I think the 3 week diet can be a helpful starting point for the following types of people.

*Those who need a “crash course” in effective weight loss strategies. If you’ve never really studied nutrition before I think you’d get some valuable information from this program.

*People who want to lose weight quickly in order to prepare for some type of social event (wedding, etc).

*Trainees who want to “jump start” their fat loss or body transformation so they’ll have momentum going into more long-term approaches.

*Individuals who are healthy enough to diet and train intensely. This program is designed for those who do not have serious health issues that require specialized approaches to diet/exercise.

If this description fits you then I think the 3 Week Diet would be worth buying.

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MI40X Review: Ben Pakulski’s Muscle Building Program

Mass Intentions Extreme 2.0 (MI40X)

Mass Intentions Extreme 2.0 (MI40X) is the “sequel” to MI40, a program that came out a couple of years ago. The number 40 was important in many aspects of this system. The trainee, for example, usually worked out for 40 minutes each session.  This “new and improved” version added some other important techniques and concepts to make it even more effective.  The result: one of the most successful hypertrophy programs I’ve ever seen.  Before I go any further I’ll tell you about the author.

Author/Creator: Ben Pakulski

MI40XReviewIntroVideoBen Pakulski is a professional bodybuilder who has competed at the highest levels of the sport. He is known for his massive physique and has some especially outstanding calf development.

He is also known as one of the best trainers in the world. Fitness professionals from all over the globe come to him when they want to take their physique to the next level. Ben’s approach to training is methodical, and he is very deliberate about how every repetition of every exercise is performed. He is a true expert on fat loss, building muscle, bodybuilding, and training in general.

Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP)

The most important concept in MI40X is CEP training. These techniques are based on how muscles grow at the cellular level. Scientists have discovered that bigger, stronger muscles are composed of cells with multiple nuclei. Elite bodybuilders have more nuclei per muscle cell than smaller individuals. Those who use this program will learn how to incorporate this scientific fact into the way they train.

MI40X Components

Trainees who buy this program will have access to the full training guides (e-book files). You can follow the workouts that fit your level, whether it is beginner, intermediate, or advanced. There are seven total phases to this system and I would suggest you follow them exactly as they have been designed. You will start out with a “primer” phase before you move into the more intense training. After that you will go through different levels of training, each one building off the other.

It’s also important to read over the nutrition guides that are included and follow them precisely. Protein is the building block of muscle, so you’ll need to increase your intake of this macronutrient. Carbohydrates are fuel for your workouts, so you’ll eat them at strategic times. Those who are interested in losing fat will need to manipulate their carb intake accordingly. These are just a few examples, but you can download complete nutrition guides if you decide to order this program.

MI40X also includes a supplement guide.  His advice is solid, but you may want to shop around and see if there are less expensive brands than the ones he recommends.

Training Videos

MI40XReviewChestTraining215Another advantage to this program is the video content. You’ll be able to download a complete library of videos and see how Ben instructs his trainees. These files are high quality so they will take a while to download. But it is well worth your time. Watching Ben’s training techniques in action is one of the best things about MI40x. It would cost a lot of money to hire him as your personal trainer, so this is the next best thing at a fraction of the cost. The videos are organized into body part training: one film, for example, is dedicated to back training. You’ll see exactly how to implement Pakulski’s training methods.


MI40X has been one of my all-time best sellers as far as bodybuilding programs go, and the low refund requests means most trainees were extremely satisfied with what they achieved by using this workout program.  I think Mass Intentions Extreme 2.0 is especially good for guys who have been lifting for a while and want to break plateaus in their size and strength.  Just remember that these workouts are intense and you’ll only see results if you put in the effort to both your training and nutrition.  Just CLICK HERE if you’d like to order this program or learn more.


Ben Pakulski’s Debut (Mr Olympia Documentary)

Ben Pakulski’s Debut documents his journey to his first Mr. Olympia competition.  This high quality video is going to be popular among fans of professional bodybuilding.  It is a unique “behind the scenes” look into his preparation for the actual competition as well as the passion that drove him towards this dream.   Click here for a special offer: The Debut Olympia Diet.