Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Review (Lyle McDonald)

I’ve had the opportunity to read Lyle McDonald’s The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting.  The book did not disappoint me.  Let me give you an overview:

In an ideal world, we’d all be willing to slowly but surely lose weight.  But we are not in an ideal world, and “crash dieting” can have its place.  There are several reasons one may want to lose weight fast:

*Limited time until an important event, such as a bodybuilding contest, high school reunion, wedding, etc.

*There’s a psychological advantage to seeing the numbers on the scale going down quickly–sometimes we are more likely to stay on the diet.

*Dieting isn’t fun, so some of us (yours truly included) would rather just do a “hard” diet and get it over with.

The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook was designed to help to help people do a “crash diet” safely and effectively.  He answers some of the following questions:

What type of diet will help me lose fat while keeping most (or all) of my muscle mass?  Remember—muscle loss is not what you want.

How can I use breaks/cheats to maximize the diet’s effectiveness?

How many calories should I eat for maximum fat loss?

How much exercise should I do while on this kind of diet? His answer may surprise you (hint: more is not always better).

How can I keep the fat off once I go back to a maintenance phase?

What supplements can help ensure I get the essential nutrients while crash dieting?

Lyle’s writing is thorough, but not overly technical.  I also appreciate his understanding of the psychological aspects of dieting—something other authors overlook.  Last but not least, the book has just enough humor to make you laugh every once in a while—a nice touch.

Note:  The book also includes links to tools on his websites where you can calculate your caloric needs, etc.  That’s another added bonus.

Here’s a picture of one of Lyle’s clients:

If this review has helped you and you are interested in this book, just CLICK HERE to visit his online store (the only place where his books are available).

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